Kasda was a relatively unknown brand to me until I got the chance to check out their KA1900A wireless router. This 802.11AC router features a sleek, black design with both 5.4GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi networks. It even features a both a USB 3.0 and 2.0 port on the back of the unit, which allows for USB storage sharing – just plug a flash drive into it and you have some file sharing ability for your networking needs.

Installing the Kasda KA1900A wireless AC1900 router is relatively simple. I simply connected the router into my cable modem by way of the WAN port on the back of the unit. Then I plugged my PC into one of the Gigabit LAN ports on the router and started everything up. I directed my favorite Internet browser to and began the setup procedure. I setup the WiFi network and connected my smartphone and laptop to it. Everything just worked. Now, it didn’t have as much hand holding as some routers to, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for a WiFi router these days. Kasda does offer online support if you need it.

For those users who love the feature, it also offers a WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button for easy connection setup. There are those that consider WPS insecure, but if you are just using it on a local home network, it is really up to the end user as to what level of security they desire.

The Kaska KA1900A router does feature some pretty cool specs. Aside from those previously-mentioned, it has 5 internal WiFi antennae which provide a very stable wireless signal. Its range is ridiculously good and, no matter where I stood in the office, I had a consistently solid connection. In fact, it was a marked improvement over the 802.11N wireless router we were previously using. It was so impressive that I thought, for a passing moment, that I could still get signal at the Starbucks down the street! But, I digress… Even better is that, because the antennae are internal, they are not sticking out like porcupine quills as they do on external models.

A small aside, one of the best features on this router is an actual power switch! There are a lot of routers out there that simply rely on pulling the power cable out of the unit to restart it. This just doesn’t always make the best user experience as the power cable often falls out and ends up lost behind office furniture. With the power switch, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Overall, the Kasda KA1900A Wireless AC1900 Router is a great purchase that offers a very stable networking environment for you home or office. Its WiFi networks are speedy as are its LAN connections, and it will provide you with terrific throughput in your local network. It retails for about $110 dollars and more information on the product can be found at Kasda’s official website. Those of you looking to purchase can find the KA1900A available at Amazon.com

Kasda KA1900A Wireless Router Review Score

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