WILSONVILLE, Ore. – (January 17, 2017) – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced three product families including thermal handhelds, weapon sights, and clip-ons featuring FLIR’s latest compact, uncooled thermal camera core, FLIR Boson™, at the 2017 Shooting Hunting Outdoor and Tactical (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas. All new thermal imagers allow users to detect heat and see in complete darkness, and when combined with precision optics, deliver unmatched imaging and functionality for the tactical and outdoor enthusiast markets.

“This new collection of thermal weapon sights and handheld imagers provide users with market-leading image acuity, size, weight, battery stamina and features,” said FLIR President and CEO Andy Teich. “With a nearly 50-year heritage of bringing combat-proven thermal solutions to the frontlines, this new wave of products resulting from our acquisition of Armasight last year, solidifies FLIR’s position as the leader in thermal optics for the tactical and outdoor markets.”

Each product family offers multiple thermal resolution options, multiple lens options*, and feature vivid, high-definition 1080p color displays. Additional common features for all models include user controlled imaging palettes and image enhancement filters, onboard recording of video and JPEG images, digital compass, digital inclinometer and patent-pending, high-visibility iconology and graphic overlays. Additionally, the units offer USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones with a free FLIR app.

Among these new products, FLIR is introducing three ruggedized, ergonomic handheld thermal imager models.

  • The FLIR Helios thermal bi-ocular features a full-coverage eyepiece, and intraocular adjustability with 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm lens options.
  • FLIR Prometheus thermal monocular available with lens options of 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm.
  • The FLIR Q14 thermal mini monocular is the lightest and most compact, full-featured FLIR thermal monocular available. With a thermal resolution of 640×480 and a fixed 19mm lens, the versatile FLIR Q14 offers multiple mounting options for helmets, goggles, and weapons.

FLIR is also expanding its field-proven, rifle-mounted ThermoSight R-Series line of commercial thermal scopes with three new models.

  • FLIR ThermoSight RM offers a thermal resolution of 320×240 with a 19mm lens and 640×480 with a 25mm lens.
  • FLIR ThermoSight RL features thermal resolutions of 320×240 and 640×480 with a choice of a 50mm or 100mm lens.
  • FLIR ThermoSight RX has a thermal resolution of 640×480 and a choice of a 50mm or 100mm lens.

Finally, FLIR is introducing a new line of clip-on thermal imagers that enhance the capabilities of a user’s existing daylight rifle scope. The ThermoSight C-series clip-on imagers mount in front of standard daylight optics for a rapid transition to thermal in lowlight conditions with no change in cheek weld or trigger reach, allowing for continued use of existing ballistic reticles in the day scope:

  • FLIR ThermoSight C compact clip-on thermal rifle sight is available with thermal resolutions of 320×240 and 640×480 and a 25mm lens.
  • FLIR ThermoSight CM/CL long-range, clip-on thermal rifle sights with a choice of a

50mm lens and a resolution of 320×240 or 640×480, or a 75mm lens with a resolution of 640×480.

All new outdoor and tactical FLIR thermal imagers will be available in the U.S. in the first half of 2017 through established FLIR OTS dealers. For more information on the suite of new products, please visit www.flir.com/ots.

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