December 21, 2016 — German reinforcements are ready to set sail and make waves in World of Warships. A branch of nine destroyers, starting from the Tier II V-25 to the Tier X Z-52 will unleash their devastating torpedoes to take on the mightiest of enemies in their path.

The Z-52 was one of the last German destroyers to be designed and laid down before the end of World War II. Her dimensions are considered to be quite large for your typical destroyer. Thanks to her dual-purpose artillery and current (for the period) automatic AA mounts, this ship boasts very powerful AA defense.

“We’re always excited to introduce a new ship branch with exclusive features to our players,” said Artur Plociennik, World of Warships Global Publishing Producer. “German destroyers excel in a number of tactical setups, and their torpedo armament is excellent and well-rounded. I’m really looking forward to seeing how players use these ships in battle.”

The Hydroacoustic Search consumable is definitely a boon for German destroyers. Combine this with the good ballistic property of their guns and their excellent torpedo armament, and these ships can be truly dangerous adversaries for enemy vessels. However, you should be wary of battleships and heavy cruisers, and plan your attacks against these ships in advance.

You can also check out your German destroyers on the new River Thames in-game Port.

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