In a world where left-handed gamers often get forced into using right-handed peripherals, it is nice to see companies like IOGEAR, under the Kaliber Gaming brand, putting out a gaming mouse like the Fokus. The Fokus Pro laser gaming mouse retails for $49.95 and is available now. It features a rugged aluminum frame with stylish white coloring as well as full RGB lighting. For an under $50 dollar gaming mouse, I was very impressed with its build quality right out of the box.

Setting the mouse up is a straightforward affair – first, you install the software which can be found online. Then plug the mouse into an available USB port and off you go! The software allows for a good range of settings to be tweaked – from lighting to the sensitivity level of each DPI preset that the mouse can cycle through. You can even store five different configurations into the software for easier selection. This is important as the Fokus’ buttons can be tied to all sorts of functions – even ones to help you in applications like Microsoft Word and more. Once I got my settings changed to my preferences, it was time to start using the mouse in a real video game.


The Fokus’ internal Avago laser sensor is rated at up to 8,200 DPI, so I had no trouble at all being competitive in Star Wars: Battlefront. When I needed to alter my sensitivity levels, I easily cycled through them with the mouse’s DPI button. I should add that the polling rate of the mouse can be changed as well – although I am uncertain as to why a user would want to do this. I have always set my gaming mice to 1000Hz polling for the most lag-free experience possible. Nevertheless, the option to change the polling rate is there!

My user experience with the Kaliber Gaming Fokus Pro gaming mouse has been what I would describe as ‘very good’. It is a real contender for a budget gaming mouse, especially given is durable build quality and internal laser sensor. Avago has made gaming mice sensors for, well, a LONG time so there tech is reliable. I do get some pause when a lesser known company includes proprietary software in its peripherals, but that comes with the territory. IOGEAR and Kaliber Gaming have a real winner with the Fokus and I hope they sell a ton of them.


The biggest issue I have is that, as a right-handed gamer, ambidextrous gaming mice don’t feel ergonomic enough for me – especially when coming out of a world full of right-handed mice to choose from. If you are a right-handed gamer, you might consider something a bit more fitting to natural human hand anatomy. But, I digress, for just under $50 smackers, you could do way worse than the Fokus. It performs respectably in anything you can throw at it – from multiplayer games, first-person shooters, even word processors!

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