September 27, 2016 – The first stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series comes to Kickstarter on September 27th.  Epic Roll: Eclipse invites players to don their black hats (helmets and cowls are also acceptable) as they quest to dethrone the Paladin King and plunge his realm into darkness.

Epic Roll: Eclipse is a portable, quick-playing board game combining an RPG dungeon crawl with press-your-luck mechanics.  Eclipse can be played on its own as a 2-3 player game, or along with the original Epic Roll, allowing up to 6 players to compete individually or in teams.


Eclipse’s three new (and rather sinister) playable characters, expanded treasure card deck, and support for both Quick-Play and Veteran rules make Epic Roll: Eclipse a great addition to any game collection, and a must for fans of the series.

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