July 27, 2015 — Exis Interactive, A Maryland-based game development company with credits including Bioshock Infinite™, Xcom™, and World of Tanks™, today announced a new virtual reality (VR) controller called the SprintR.

Exis’ patent-pending controller is a wireless footpad that lets you easily walk, run, and jump in VR. It not only feels natural, but also frees up your hands for all sorts of new experiences. Used in combination with a game-pad or hand sensing tech, SprintR becomes a full avatar control solution for VR that does not require the user to run in place and sweat through a VR headset. The sleek form factor suits any foot size or type. Additionally, SprintR is portable, so it is perfect for desk- or couch-centric gaming. SprintR puts VR movement where it belongs, at your feet.

SprintR is all about easy, natural movement in VR. On one hand you have VR controllers that require an entire room cleared of furniture, or massive treadmills that require a harness and special shoes, and on the other hand you have SprintR, which sits at your feet and makes movement simple”, says Peter Kojesta, founder of Exis.

SprintR is planned for release in Q1 2016.

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