WE Tech G35 Gen 4 inside the holster.

WE Tech G35 Gen 4 inside the holster.

Blackhawk! has been making holsters and other assorted tactical gear for a large number of years now. Pouches, chest rigs, boots – the list is endless. While their Kydex, “SERPA” holsters have been all the rage of late, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look at their Ωmega VI Improved Holster. The first big difference in this holster model Vs. the Kydex range is that the Ωmega VI Improved Holster is made from high quality nylon. Why does nylon matter? Kydex holsters like the SERPA are great when being used with the firearm they are molded for. The problem comes when trying to use a different model of firearm in them. Being solid Kydex molds, they cannot accommodate firearms of different designs.

We tested out the Ωmega VI Improved Holster with three different gun designs to see just how versatile it is – a WE Tech G35 Gen4 gas blowback airsoft gun (same dimensions as a real steel Glock 35), a KWA M226 gas blowback airsoft gun (same dimensions as the SIG SAUER P226 MK25), and a real steel Glock 21. I was most skeptical about fitting the WE Tech G35 Gen4 as it is a very long pistol design, but the results surprised me. While the holster acted as though it was simply made for the KWA M226 gas blowback pistol, the WE Tech G35 Gen4 actually fit beautifully. I had to loosen the sizing straps a bit, but it fit like a glove. The real issue came while trying to size the Ωmega VI Improved Holster with my real steel Glock 21.

Glock 21 inside the holster.

Glock 21 inside the holster.

Now, this is the Glock 21 – not the Glock 21 SF, so the pistol is just damn huge – way wider than the two airsoft pistols I also tested the holster with. In order to get the Glock 21 to fit, I had to loosen the top sizing strap so much, the strap’s Velcro could not close on itself to lock it in place. You can see how the strap will no longer Velcro lock closed in the above image. If the strap had longer strips of Velcro, this might have been okay but, as it stands not, it would not adjust to fit. I am interested in testing this holster with a real steel Glock 21 SF – my theory is that that model of Glock handgun would fit without issue as it is not quite as large, but I can’t promise anything, of course.

The Ωmega VI Improved Holster is sewn onto a thigh rig of excellent quality – also being made of high strength elastic Nylon. Two of our team members (of varying sizes) tried the holster on and both managed to adjust it to fit without trouble. For my own usage of the Ωmega VI Improved Holster, I attached it to both a 5.11 Tactical 1.5″ inch duty belt and a 5.11 Tactical APEX belt and neither proved any trouble. The holster’s belt attachment straps are not quite long enough to reach around a big, padded TAC belt, but who really does that anyway? Most airsoft players attach this rigs to their underside belts – at least I do.

KWA P226 inside the holster.

KWA M226 inside the holster.

Overall, the Ωmega VI Improved Holster is another great showing from Blackhawk!. Not only does it accommodate a large number of mid to full-size semi-automatic pistols, but it also provides great build quality and customization. If you are an airsoft player or real steel shooter looking for a versatile, thigh rig mounted holster, you can’t go wrong with the Blackhawk! Ωmega VI Improved Holster. It retails for an MSRP of $85.99 and is well worth its weight in durability and functionality. If you have a very large framed pistol, however, you may experience some issues getting it to fit properly.

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