The Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 MOSFET is an excellent add-on to your airsoft gun. The Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 plugs in between your airsoft gun’s battery connector and battery itself, allowing plug-and-play attachment to your airsoft gun. In this out of the box, plug and play mode, it replaces your normally full-auto fire mode with a three-round burst fire mode – something that a lot of players ask for. This feature alone is worth the price of admission if you desire a more controlled usage of your ammunition – midcap and standard capacity magazine players, take note!

The┬áBurst Wizard King Kong Super 2 also includes a wiring kit to hard-wire it into your airsoft gun – thereby allowing it to function as a true MOSFET, protecting your trigger contacts as well as a multitude of other features. The instructions are very easy to follow and, if you have some experience teching your airsoft guns, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them. As for me – I rely on the folks over at Tsunami Airsoft in Orange, CA for my tech work and they had my airsoft gun back to me in just a couple days.

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Aside from the three-round burst feature, I really enjoyed the ability to set a realistic reload function for players who only bring hicap magazines on to the field. What this option does is use a user-programmed number of shots, after which time the gun will be inactive for a set number of seconds. Why it does this is to simulate the amount of time it would have taken you to reload a lesser-capacity magazine. Some fields disallow the use of hicaps – so this could be a nice way to still play there if that’s all you carry in your loadout.

Overall, the Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 MOSFET is easily worth its weight in functionality. We can easily award it a 5 out of 5 stars for its low price, plug-and-play operation, as well as the ability to be hardwired into your airsoft gun. It retails for $37.99 at several online airsoft retailers as well as its manufacturer’s product page.

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