London, UK – 29th April 2014 – Firefly Studios has just released a new developer diary containing gameplay footage of Richard the Lionheart, returning protagonist of the Stronghold Crusader series. This new video update also gives players a brief glimpse at unit stances, siege equipment Engineers and the mounted Templar Knight:

In a new blog post Firefly expands on Richard’s backstory and what he represents for the Stronghold series as a whole:

“Richard is an interesting character because, although he’s the main protagonist of the Crusader series and a man who considers himself noble, he’s not much of a hero. Anyone who knows enough about the Crusades to have a discussion on their purpose or origin knows they were essentially an invasion. That aside, fans of the series and critics alike are aware of the fact that we don’t take medieval morality too seriously. Do that and it stops being fun fairly quickly.

Although we are serious about historical accuracy, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance when creating a strategy game like Stronghold. Fail to do this and you end up with something that lacks a sense of playfulness and joy. Large parts of each Stronghold game are designed to be tongue-in-cheek, from the voice acting to burning troop animations and the way peasants get flung out the top of a tornado. The character of Richard embodies this approach to the games’ design, poking fun at the character without making him unlikable. Richard is part of the story and a key AI opponent in the Arabic Campaign and Skirmish Mode, so there has to be something in there to make people laugh!”

The full news post including new screenshots can be found at

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