Griffin’s WoodTones Over-The-Ear Headphones feature real wood housing ear cups that protect 50mm neodymium drivers. Griffin touts that the wooden housings increase audio quality – but, do they? Read on to find out.


When I first saw the Griffin WoodTones Over-The-Ear headphones, I instantly had a vision of myself sitting on my porch drinking a cup of coffee on a cool, gray morning. The classy, beech wood ear cups remind me of coffee, green tea, and flannel. Aside from the wooden ear cups, the rest of the headphones are simply black, to give extra focus where it needs to go. I should note that it is not clear if the entire ear cup housing is wood or just the back side of the ear cup housing – I believe it is just the back part of the ear cup. Griffin has followed the current trend in headphones and included an audio cable that be unplugged from the headphones for storage. The rectangular shape of the ear cups more naturally fit around your ear, so that they don’t press on them uncomfortably after long amounts of usage. Also, they are very light weight, which


Setting up a pair of headphones is probably a bit extraneous for this review. After all, you plug them into the device of your choosing and listen, right? Well, yes, but I will say that adjusting the headphones to fit your head Рan important part of the setup process, is very different with the Griffin WoodTones. . Griffin has employed a one-size-fits-all headband system that works very well. Instead of pulling the ear cups down from the band to adjust them for your ears, you simply put the headphones on and they auto-adjust.


Audio Quality

One of the selling points of the WoodTones Over-The-Ear Headphones is that the wooden ear cups increase the “warmth” of the audio coming from the headphone speaker drivers. I can’t say with 100% certainty that the wood parts are responsible for the sound and not the quality of the 50mm drivers, but the sound quality is definitely very good. The WoodTones Over-The-Ear headphones have a decent level of bass, a warm quality and I found them to be enjoyable while both listening to music on my iPhone as well as when plugged into my PC as I played Insurgency from New World Interactive. The headphones handled the virtual gunfire and explosions respectably and, after all the gaming was over, I even tried for my wish of sitting in the morning air while wearing them. Then I realized that it was really cold out there and quickly rushed back in the house for warmth. Sometimes, visions are better left in your head.


Overall, the Griffin¬†WoodTones Over-The-Ear headphones are a great pair of headphones for your listening enjoyment with their lightweight and comfort. Good for both playing video games as well as listening to your favorite album, they retail for about $100 dollars on Griffin’s website, but if you shop around a bit you can find them for a good deal less.

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