Arlington, VT, 20th December, 2013 – Since its release in September this year, Command Modern Air/Naval Operations (OUR REVIEW HERE) has been praised as a ‘rare thing’ (Rock Paper Shotgun), a ‘true gem’ (Gamers Hall) and ‘a seriously fun, intense, involving simulation of modern naval combat with nearly infinite replay value’ (Armchair General). For developers Warfare Sims ( though, this wasn’t enough. The team engaged with the fans, involved the community and effectively started a brand new development process to take this immense project to perfection.

Since the release of v1.01 (which addressed the most immediate concerns WRT reliability/performance/functionality), the WS dev team has been relentlessly working on Command, as evidenced by the breakneck pace of private & public releases. The next official update, v1.02, incorporates myriads of improvements based directly on feedback from the entire wargaming community (customers, reviewers and prospective buyers alike).

With the release of v1.02, Command extends its lead against any other title in the genre (incl. longtime stalwarts of the niche) even more and further establishes itself as the undisputed heavyweight champion of modern air/nav wargaming.It was already a bargain, now it’s a screaming steal.


* VASTLY BETTER performance & stability, on all aspects of the game (startup, UI/map & simulation engine)

* VASTLY IMPROVED user interface with lots of new features, fixes & changes in every aspect (map, unit control, DB viewer etc.) straight from user feedback

* HUNDREDS of bugs & problems fixed

MORE POWERFUL scenario editor & mission editor

* MORE configurable realism options (e.g. unlimited aircraft weapons at bases) for people who want to quickly experiment

* MORE simulation realism with new features like variable crew proficiency, improved sonar modelling, more AI & doctrine options and other additions & fixes

* COUNTLESS database additions & tweaks

* IMPROVED & reworked versions of official scenarios

MORE scenarios, MORE DB images & descriptions

* IMPROVED multimedia experience with new sound effects & optional background music

For a full list of updates, check out the Matrix forum thread

Get more information about Command Modern Air/Naval Operations here.

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