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Every so often, I get offered the chance to review a product that we at the site usually don’t evaluate. In this case, it was a pair of the Converse Star Chevron “On Your Mark” sunglasses. While not the most fashionable of gamers, I always enjoy keeping the sun out of my eyes – whether I am prepping for an airsoft game out in the desert or just hanging out on the patio of a local coffee shop, reading a book on my Kindle. So, I was excited to check these new sunglasses out.

The Converse Star Chevron “On Your Mark” sunglasses feature a textured frame, 100% UV protective lenses, and cool carrying pouch. I used these sunglasses out at the previously-mentioned coffee shop as well as around town in my general, day-to-day travels. I was even wearing them during the daytime, prior to the start of the LA Haunted Hayride which I recently reviewed as part of our Halloween column. My biggest complaint about these sunglasses is that I am not a big fan of the gritty texturing on the frame. It reminds me a lot of sand paper or grip tape on a skateboard and just didn’t “feel” right on a pair of shades.  This is more of a preference issue as my sister who tried them on really dug the frame surface. I suggest you try them on prior to buying just to see where you fall on the subject. Also, pragmatically-speaking, the textured frame does provide excellent grip so they don’t slip out of your hand. The frame of these sunglasses is very strong and the lenses do have some excellent UV protection – both important features for a pair of sunglasses to have.

Despite this, the sunglasses performed their monumental job of protecting my eyes from the Sun’s harmful rays and were also effective at keeping glare down so I was safer on the roadways. The Converse Star Chevron “On Your Mark” sunglasses retail for about $70 dollars. You can find them at online sunglasses e-tailers as well as brick and mortar stores.

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