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Being prepared for a zombie apocalypse is always a good idea – even more so now that the Halloween season is bearing down on us. So, in order to do some “prepping” and also add to our growing airsoft article series, we got a loaner Sightmark® Ultra Shot Z series reflex sight to review!

The Sightmark® Ultra Shot Z series reflex sight features ultra-sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum construction with an easy-to-use QD mounting system. The sight features a zombie-inspired, green “Z Series” logo on the top side of its lens frame. Mounting the sight to your rifle or pistol is easy as can be, thanks to its QD lever. Once on my airsoft rifle’s top rail, the sight was snug and secure – with no “play” that sometimes plagues sights of lesser quality. The sight runs off of one CR1632 battery that fits easily into the outer side of the rotary intensity dial.

Official Features

  • Precision Accuracy
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Wide Field of View
  • Green multi-reticle (4 patterns)
  • Quick detach mount
  • Side weaver mount

The sight rotary dial has 5 intensity levels and 4 reticle shapes. I did find the green reticle to be a bit too bright for indoor or nighttime use – even at its lowest intensity setting. For outdoor or daytime shooting, the brightness was a welcome feature as it helped provide a lot of contrast to the ambient light. While it could be said that zombie apocalypse survivors should avoid engaging the undead at night or indoors, it would have been nice to see a red dot option included in this sight, just in case the need arose.

I battle zeroed the Ultra Shot Z Series reflex sight out to about 75 feet – a decent range for a typical airsoft game at public airsoft fields. After several games, the sight still held its zero and I was able to put plastic downrange accurately. Also, this reflex sight is very easy to use with both eyes open, thanks to its roughly 1.3″ inch by 1″ inch window and unlimited eye relief. Additionally, I had several players come up and ask me about the sight due to its style and the inclusion of a rail on its right side for additional accessories.

As far as its durability is concerned – the Ultra Shot Z series reflex sight definitely has a solid structure. However, like with all sights being used for airsoft purposes, I highly recommend you pick up a BB shield device from your online airsoft store of choice. The last thing you want is your expensive site shot out by a random BB strike!

Overall, the Sightmark® Ultra Shot Z series reflex sight is a great choice for fighting off hordes of zombies – especially in bright or sunny conditions. It retails for about $144 dollars and is available on Sightmark’s® official website. I am awarding it 4 out of 5 stars – with its main drawback being a bit too much intensity and the lack of a ‘red’ mode for low-light conditions.

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