After a recent electronics convention, I found myself very short on business cards for  At the same time, I have a side project going which has grown to the size that we have been trying to come up with a business card design to start using in October when we travel A LOT and meet a ton of new folks (ed. note: You guys can do it!!!).  Financially speaking, times are tight, mostly due to all that travel. So, new business cards weren’t really “in the cards” so to speak.  As luck would have it, that is when we got a Findables FlexStand iPhone case in and, not only were my business cards issue immediately taken care of, but it was also done in a very eco-friendly way.

Findables’ FlexStand case is innovatively engineered to offer the benefits of protection without sacrificing fashion; and can also turn into a viewing stand. Our ultra-slim and dual layer design offer inner shock protection and a rugged micro-textured outer shell. Each case comes with a free mobile sharing app so you can customize your personal or business information.

• Designed for iPhone 5
• Ultra-slim and sporty design
• Turns into a viewing stand
• Ultralight impact resistant outer shell (polycarbonate) with shock absorbent interior
• Scratch resistant micro-textured finish
• Raised TPU bezel to protect phone screen
• Full access to screen buttons and ports
• Free Findables Mobile Sharing App

Hands On:
First off, the case has a clean, professional look to it which is perfect for the uses I have in mind.  The flexible center strip comes in different colors and allows the case to double as a stand which is nice since most cases with stands on the side of them tend to lose the stand due to wear,  accidents, etc.  I went through a couple of such cases before going with an insanely durable case with a metal kickstand which looks bulky and not so professional.  The slim and professional simplicity of the FlexStand combined with its durability and design help make me feel this is a perfect case for casual or professional time.


What I found to be the most interesting and creative feature to the case is a simple one that I am surprised hasn’t become a norm, after this case it may be.  There is a little discreet QR code at the bottom of the case face which can be easily scanned.  To this code three different profiles can be set up so that the individual scanning it can get your business, personal or lost phone profile you set up through the Finables app.  So, let’s say you are at a business convention and you find yourself running low on cards.  Someone can read the QR code with their phone and get a photo (great place to put a picture of your business card), a full list of contact information and any business website or social links you wish to provide.  It is far better than a business card because it is less likely to get lost and will have far more information at a single click than can be provided on a business card.

After the convention, let’s say you decide to go out for some drinks with some friends and you run into a long lost friend or become newly acquainted with one.  You probably won’t want to give them your business card or a business profile from your phone so with a couple clicks you can have them scan your QR code and get a personal profile with personal information and such things as your Facebook or Twitter account.  For me this is where I will have a profile for the group I was considering picking up cards for, the picture will be of a sticker that has our catch phrase on it followed by our Facebook, Twitter and a description of who we are and what we do.  Once again that makes it so that the individual doesn’t have to remember any extra details about you that aren’t on a business or personal card, it is all right there.  Add to this that it is eco and financially friendly by not having cards made and carried around and this case could become a business man’s best friend (sorry dogs).

The lost phone feature is nice too in case you lose your phone you can set the QR code to lost phone information and an alternate number by accessing the app and your account.  There are other apps that arguably can do the same stuff to the phone itself but this is a nice added measure.


Last Call:
Findables FlexStand is the next evolution in cellphone case design and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s design and app become a standard for the industry.  The case is competitively priced but comes with an app that will make life easier for anyone who carries business cards, runs into old friends, loses their phone or picks people up in a bar.  I definitely plan to put it to good use in my travels.

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