For hardcore airsoft players who prefer night games, a tracer unit is a serious consideration. Serving multiple purposes – from helping one’s aim to signalling when your magazine is nearly out of BBs, a tracer unit can be a big help. How a tracer unit works in the world of airsoft relies on a few factors. It all starts with your BBs. Tracer or “glow in the dark” BBs are loaded into your magazine. These glow in the dark BBs are activated by bright lights. Some players utilize special magazines that come with light systems inside them. When fired, the activated BB flies forth from the gun and towards your target, giving a tracer round effect. In the case of the G&G Tracer unit, the BB activator also doubles as a barrel extension.

Here is a look at the G&G Tracer unit in action from the guys at AirsoftGI (we thank them for co-opting this footage):

The G&G Tracer features a 14mm counter-clockwise threading and easily screws on to guns compatible with that type. The tracer unit features a motion detector inside that detects when a BB passes through it and emits a bright pulse of light at it while it exits the barrel. This activates the BB’s glow in the dark properties and creates the tracer round effect. Inside the strong, aluminum body, the tracer unit is equipped with a rechargeable battery that is charged via an AC adapter that is included in the package.


Tracer fire in pitch black conditions


Using the G&G Tracer unit is as simple as pushing a button and beginning to fire your gun. The tracer unit features an unobtrusive, small LED light which blinks towards the direction of the shooter to let them know the unit is activated. My personal preference is to load tracer BBs in the last 20 or so rounds of my magazines. This tells me when my mag is just about out and gives me time to plan a reload instead of being surprised by suddenly running out of rounds to shoot.

Good airsoft tracer units are not cheap. For example, this model retails for about $110 dollars. You can find some units out there for cheaper prices but I guarantee you that they will not be made from such high quality materials as pricier models like this one.¬†Overall, you can’t go wrong picking up the new G&G Tracer unit. It is made from high quality materials and should last you a long, long time.

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