The folks over at DFX have long been known for their hand and forearm strengthening gyroscopic Powerball devices. These orbs utilize a gyroscope to project a great deal of torque onto the hand holding it. The idea is to rotate your wrist while holding the Powerball to keep the gyro spinning while also resisting the torque effects it puts out – thus, strengthening and toning the muscles in your fingers, hands, and forearms.

Official Product Specifications

  • Exercise device for gamers, musicians, and typetypetyping monkeys
  • Aircraft quality gyroscope inside a high impact polycarbonite sphere
  • Start it spinning using the included docking station or give the sphere a karate chop
  • Dynamic resistance is controlled by you, so set your own pace
  • Get up to 14,500 RPM and up to 40 lbs or torque
  • Non-impact workout for strengthening and conditioning your arms, wrists, and hands
  • Can help alleviate pain from carpal tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow
  • Blue LEDs light up when you’re spinning the sphere
  • NASA astronauts have used these on shuttle missions
  • Includes: Powerball with speed meter, docking station starter, training CD
  • Docking station requires two AA batteries (not included)

I used the DFX Gamer Gyroscopic Powerball over the course of several weeks on a schedule of ten minutes every other day. Working with the Powerball is very simple and you can store it on top of the quick start peripheral that DFX includes in the gamer package. [quote_right]…you will definitely notice increased strength and muscle tone…[/quote_right] By pressing the red button on the starter, the inner gyroscope of the Powerball spins up to a workable speed. Simply remove the Powerball and begin exercising with it. The beauty of the Powerball is in just how effortless it is to use and how easy it is to underestimate its effects. After a short time, putting down the Powerball reveals some sore finger muscles left in its wake. The benefits? Playing in tournament conditions or just heated multiplayer games means gamers need to have as fast of reflexes as possible. By working the muscles in your fingers and hands out, you are increasing their responsiveness and endurance. No more sore thumbs! Additionally, the constant movement of the device helps increase bloodflow to your hands. This is, in general, a good thing for circulation and will help your gaming response time increase as your fingers and hand are fed more nutrients and oxygen.

The Gamer package also contains a training CD with a variety of workout options as well as a speed gauge built into the Powerball. This is important as you may wish to keep your RPMs at a certain level. One of the most convenient things about the Powerball is that it can be used basically anywhere and it is so easy to store or pack for a vacation given its small size. Overall, the DFX Gamer Gyroscopic Powerball provides plenty of lbs of torque to help strengthen your fingers, hands, and forearms. In just a short time of dedicated usage, you will definitely notice increased strength and muscle tone in your hand. In the world of competitive gaming, you need every advantage you can get. We rate the device a solid 4 out of 5, with its main drawback being its price point. For the same price, you could get an array of grip strengthening claws and squeezers – although they lack the “whiz-bang” factor the Powerball has. The DFX Gamer Gyroscopic Powerball retails for $73.95 and is available at online retailers like Amazon as well as the DFX Online Store.

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**We at GamingShogun.com remind you to consult with your physician prior to starting a workout program or using any fitness device

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