ROCCAT’s new HIRO 3D Supremacy Surface is a new mouse pad that brings a lot of style and attitude to bear. On the package is a disclaimer that the mouse pad is designed for mice up to 16800 dpi… This, despite the fact that even ROCCAT’s highest-end gaming mouse only goes up to 8200 dpi, is more of an advertisement which is meant to stress the product’s quality. ROCCAT has clearly put a lot of quality into this mouse pad, with a full silicone backside that prevents slipping to a nicely-textured mousing area with no-fray edges. At a spacious 13.8×9.8-inches in dimension, you have plenty of room to move your mouse around.

The HIRO retails for $49.99, making it an expensive gaming surface to purchase. However, we were very impressed with the pad’s durability and can understand why it is so pricey. Additionally, you can feel the build quality while holding it – it never feels like a simple piece of cloth or rubber. The HIRO is weighty, weighing in at 10.2 ounces. Again, you can feel the quality. The mousing side is of average comfort – no worse than any other mouse pad I have used. However, unlike many others, the HIRO has a bit of a bounce to it – which helps absorb the shock of bringing your mouse and wrist down on it. It’s a little thing to mention but, for a professional gamer, every edge counts and can help you win your game or tournament.

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  • Just the right size – not too big, not too small
  • Doesn’t budge at all when placed on desk
  • Comfortable to use for long periods of time

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  • Pricey for a mouse pad


I have been consistently impressed with ROCCAT’s entries into the North American marketplace. Their products have some serious quality to them and this mouse pad is no different. I used the HIRO over a multitude of play sessions – games from Left 4 Dead 2, CoD: Black Ops 2, and a whole lot more. Actually, as I type this review, the HIRO is sitting underneath my gaming mouse. Overall, the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Supremacy Surface is an excellent mouse pad for your favorite gaming mouse. It will take your gaming mouse’s sensor to its limit in terms of sensitivity and is plenty durable enough to keep up with even your most lengthy gaming sessions.

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