We had a blast at Ten Thirty One Productions Los Angeles Haunted Hayride as part of our October 2012, Halloween-themed events. It looks like the production company is back with an even more intense experience on June 7th and June 8th, 2013, with their “Great Horror Campout“. For $149 dollars a person, you get to stay the night in their fictional, haunted campground and experience a whole night’s worth of terrors. Scares range from horror flicks around a bonfire to an intense and interactive “Hell Hunt” experience, where the company warns guests they may be “hooded” and other “fun things”. We are huge Halloween/horror fans at the site and will definitely be bringing more news on this event to you as we receive it.

Official GHC Story

These grounds are the site of the old Southern Railroad station of 1875. It acted as a supply route for highly sensitive government freight. According to legend, one night a train hauling a cargo load of crates filled with “biological weapons” jumped the tracks crashing into the tree line that still stands today. Fourteen railroad workers lost their lives upon impact crushing them under two tons of screaming hot metal.

The contents of the crates… well that became complicated.

The smashed crates let loose a catalog of species that had never been seen or defined. Creatures thought to of existed only in legend were erroneously unleashed upon the mainstream population. THEY, the crate dwellers, devoured other crewmembers that would have survived otherwise almost as if they were ravenously feasting. The government acted quickly to cover up any evidence of the crash, however too many were freed that night to contain the evidence.

Since that date, unexplained sightings have run rampant in these areas. THEY now dwell in the surrounding woods and shadows awaiting their next hot meal. Tonight…their hunger grows.

Welcome To Camp!

What Does $149 Dollars Get You?

  • Overnight Accommodations for one (1)
  • Dinner – Camp Fare
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Parking
  • “Hell Hunt” Experience
  • Horror Movies around a Bonfire
  • Roasting Marshmallows
  • Reusable GHC Canvas Bag

Checkout all the gory details at the Great Horror Campout’s offical website.

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