Back in late 2011, Wicked Audio sent us a pair of their 3D Series headphones to review. Unfortunately, the review that was posted in early 2012 ended up getting corrupted and lost in our web transition. Due to various technical reasons, we only recently found out that this review was missing. So, we are re-posting it!

Original Review: Wicked Audio has released a new line of “3D Audio” headphones. Not 3D sound, mind you, but featuring 3D designs carved into their headband and ear cups. Visually, the headphones are attractive and have an edgy “street” style to them. Additionally, they are not very large headphones, and fold up, making them very portable and easily to carry around in a small bag. They come in two flavors: A blue and yellow model as well as one in red and gray.

The headphones themselves are equipped with two 40mm drivers and a rated frequency of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Connecting them is as easy as plugging the headphone gold-plated cord into an available 3.5mm port on your favorite MP3 player or stereo. Volume is controlled by a dial located a bit below where the left and right ear cables meet in the cord. The cord is 4 feet in length and is an excellent length to be useful without being excessive. If it’s too much for your needs, you can always tuck any extra cable slack into your hoodie or jacket.


Listening to audio while wearing the Wicked Audio 3D Series headphones is a pleasant experience. The headphones are comfortable, but tended to wear on my outer ears after several hours of use. This is due to their smaller size – they do not fit all the way around my ears. I would definitely not recommend them for tournament-level gaming or as a present for your favorite audiophile, but that is not at all their focus. These headphones are focused at younger people and even adults, say, taking mass transit to the office. For an hour or two of continuous usage, listening to your favorite band, podcast, or audiobook they work very well. I had no difficulty in using it while playing passenger on the local MetroLink or even while as a passenger on a short-hop Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas. They boast decent sound quality, especially when considering that the headphones cost a budget-friendly $30 dollars. What is most impressive about them is their bass level. The packaging coins it as “enhanced bass” and, it is correct, the bass definitely stands out in these headphones.

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The Wicked Audio 3D Series is available now at several online retailers.

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