NEW YORK – Sept. 6, 2012 – The National Center for Infectious Disease Research (NCIDR) has published key findings predicting the end of human life to occur on October 2, 2012. Lead researcher Dr. Harvey Joseph-Carlson cites recent wide-spread C-virus outbreak across North America, Europe and Asia as the cause for the projected end to humanity.  The report highlights a rapid increase in the infected population as well as a decline in food rations, medical resources and lack of hope as key factors into his final projected end date.

“The end of humanity is a sad and inevitable reality that’s closing in fast on October 2, 2012,” notes Dr. Joseph-Carlson. “We have witnessed gruesome acts due to the widespread contagion and without a cure to the C-Virus we have run out of time and hope to save mankind.”

Dr. Joseph-Carlson’s research documents how the rise of C-Virus infection spreads rapidly through densely populated cities and filters into rural locations.  The infection maps within the report outline how contaminated populations become “uninhabitable zones” for non-infected bystanders.

The origins of the C-Virus are still unclear.  The C-Virus is a highly contagious mutagenic, non-carcinogenic virus and has no known cure.  The incubation period of the virus is also unknown but victims are prone to see symptoms within 24 hours.

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The National Center for Infectious Disease Research (NCIDR) was founded in 1998 to address the challenges to international health posed by infectious diseases. The scope of the center has evolved to include the study of infectious diseases that are emerging from populations around the world and are attributable to today’s internationally mobile society.


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