In Zombii Attack, players must defend themselves from waves of zombies in an attempt to help the scientist Dr. Zii develop a cure for the zombie outbreak. Players are given a giant catapult and a variety of projectiles to hurl at the zombies from rocks and tires to mines and explosives. There are 18 different levels a few of which you are able to destroy some buildings in. There is even a bonus driving game thrown into the mix where you must run over zombies while avoiding parked cars. While defending yourself against the wave of oncoming zombies you are also tasked with capturing some zombies as well. These are used by Dr. Zii to try and produce a cure for the out break.

After the first couple of levels you have pretty much seen all the game has to offer. New zombies do join the game as you progress through the levels but these “new zombies” are the older zombies wearing different a colored pant suit and slightly taller. I did enjoy the physics when throwing your weapons that you’re able to purchase in between levels. The game provides fairly accurate aiming capability and you are able to go “bowling” with the zombies using certain weapons like the barrel or bowling ball. I have to admit there was something rewarding about seeing how many zombies I could take out with a single tumbling barrel that was launched from my catapult. On the other hand when you have to launch a zombie at the helicopter carrying a cauldron on a rope things change a little. All too often the zombies would get caught on your wall you have defending your catapult or go spinning in a completely different direction than you were actually aiming. Luckily you don’t have to be deadly accurate while throwing the zombies. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of the bucket, they will make it in.

The game looks similar to a flash game you would play through your web browser. I know the Wii isn’t well known for being a graphical powerhouse but I have seen equal or better graphics on my smartphone. This didn’t prevent me from laughing as I proceeded to launch a zombie from my catapult into some of his dear friends that were trying to attack me.

As fun as it is to fling objects from a catapult and kill zombies, or at least make said zombie disappear, it’s only fun for so long. It won’t take you long to make it through the 18 levels this game has to offer but it might be longer than you’re willing to spend playing the game. You are probably better off continuing to sling your angry birds from their catapult than you are throwing zombies from this one.


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