Funcom has announced that their MMO, Age of Conan, has made the transition to free-to-play status. Now called Age of Conan: Unchained, the free game allows players to explore the world of Conan with enhanced, mature content that was edited down in the original release. Unchained also gives players the option of using a free standard account or paid premium account that will allow even more access. Checkout the access chart below for more info on account types.

“After 1.4 million copies sold, having experienced fantastic critical acclaim, and still to this day going strong with a large active player base embarking on thousands of daily adventures, there is no doubt that ‘Age of Conan’ has made a significant impact on the online gaming genre,” says Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “The great potential provided by the hybrid business model, and with the ever growing interest for free-to-play games, bringing ‘Age of Conan’ into this market is undoubtedly the logical next step for the title.”

Account Access Chart

Content Free Premium
Character Classes 4 available Full Access
AC:HA Adventure Zones Full access Full access
AC:RotG Adventure Zones
(including Faction system)
Gateway to Khitai Full Access
Dungeons Non-premium Full Access
Raids 2 available Full Access
Sieges Unavailable Full Access
Personal Bank Space 50% Normal
Character Slots 2 (max 18) 8 (max 18)
Guild Renown Full access Full access
Alternative Advancement Unavailable Full Access
Mount Training Basic Only Full Access
Offline Levels Unavailable Normal Gain
Veteran Points Unavailable Normal Gain
Item Shop Discount None 10%

Age of Conan Unchained Launch Trailer

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