Namco Bandai announced today their plans to celebrate Galaga’s 30th anniversary with a year of new releases.  Released in North America in 1981, Galaga found it’s way into many arcade goers hearts and was personally responsible for many of my spent quarters over the years.  Namco Bandai have releases planned to hit Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s Playstation 3, Nintendo’s 3DS, iOS devices from Apple, and other phones.

The 30th Anniversary of Galaga lineup from Namco Bandai will look like this:

Galaga® Legions DX (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) – Get ready for the anticipated follow-up title from the team behind PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX.  The Namco Generations team will make you rethink everything you know about Galaga with Galaga Legions DX.  Fast-paced gameplay along with fantastic new features, modes, and graphics await those ready to embark on the most destructive and chaotic space war ever encountered.

PAC-MAN® & Galaga® DIMENSIONS (Nintendo 3DS) – Featuring Galaga 3D IMPACT, experience the invading Galaga alien armada like never before. Players will use the gyro sensor in the Nintendo 3DS system to take the role of a space ship pilot.  Maneuver the Nintendo 3DS system in real-time to blast away the Galaga threat. PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS also features PAC-MAN Tilt, a brand new side-scrolling PAC-MAN adventure.  Players use the 3DS system’s motion sensor to tilt PAC-MAN’s world and use the surrounding environment to help him escape puzzles and defeat enemies.

Galaga® 30th Collection (iOS) – The Galaga 30th Collection universal app will act as a hub for the Galaga universe across all iOS devices.   iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad® owners will be able to experience the celebrated Galaga franchise at the tips of their fingers.  Galaga 30th Collection will be available June 9 for free bundled with a copy of Galaxian®.  Future in-app purchases will be available through the year.

Galaga® Special Edition (Java/BREW/Blackberry) – Galaga shoots its way to feature phones this year with a remixed version of the classic space shooter.




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