CCP Games has announced that its upcoming DUST 514, the first-person shooter set in the EVE Online universe, will be a PS3 exclusive and shall be released in Summer of 2012. The game allows players to duke it out for control of planets, etc while other players engage in space battles high above. The game will feature both subscription based and pre-paid options.

“The ability for Sony Computer Entertainment to partner with a developer like CCP, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the MMO genre, holds tremendous potential for the PlayStation 3 community,” said Rob Dyer, Senior Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment of America. “We anticipate that DUST 514 will transform the landscape across PlayStation 3 and the PC, ushering in a new era of shared cross platform gaming.”

It is unknown yet whether or not the game will eventually see a multi-platform launch but, as of now, it would appear it is a PS3 only title.


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