Man…Ya know when Hollywood takes one of your favorite things from the past and tries to make it new again. Sometimes, the re-imagining is a good thing (e.g. Spider-Man). And other times, it just destroys the original IP and makes you rue the film’s cast and crew with venom.

I have a feeling the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still will be the latter. Over at AICN, one of their regular posters has read the script (the film is currently shooting in Vancouver) and has brought back some alarming details.

Apparently, there is no Gort in the flick. In Gort’s place we get something called the ‘Totem’, which transforms into a totem-pole esque shape when not walking around on four robotic legs. Also, the immortal phrase, ‘Klaatu Barada Nikto’, is never used in the picture. Klaatu never uses his alias of ‘Mr Carpenter’ and the character interaction between Carpenter/Klaatu and the boy is almost an afterthought. Anyhow, there are plenty more reasons to loathe what they are doing to a classic IP that you can read here.

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