MSNBC reports that a Tucson, Arizona couple, using their hard earned money from their swap meet business, has constructed the world’s largest moonbeam collector.

The Shogun is not making this up. Click the link!

The ‘Interstellar Light Collector’ has cost the couple $2,000,000.00 so far, and currently consists of a series of parabolic mirrors 5 stories high.

Some dress in robes, others strip to their underwear to bask in the moon glow from the glittering bank of mirrors, spending anywhere from three minutes to 15 minutes at a time.’

Some visitors to the site believe that exposure to the moonlight has helped alleviate some medical conditions. After bathing in the moonbeams, Carr said he noticed an improvement in a long-standing asthma condition.’

The article concludes with statements by actual scientists stating that there is no proof that the moon’s ‘effects’ are anything other than placebo. If anyone is willing to donate $2,000,000.00 to the Shogun, he will construct a similar facility in California, except that there would be more plaster, wood, windows, and stucco, and less mirrors. The Shogun will conduct experiments in the device which he will name the ‘Huge Outside Unbelievable Space Enclosure’ and will attempt to publish his findings in any scholarly journal which accepts them.

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