Joystiq is reporting on a cool idea started by a Gamespot user named ‘Subrosian’, who has called for a total boycott of Gamespot or it’s affiliate’s website today. This, of course, is due to the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, which has been surrounded in controversy and allegations of Gamespot being in the pocket of game companies.

Reprint of Subrosian’s posting:

Blackout Monday


Please do not go on GameSpot, GameFAQs, CNET,,, et cetera… do not go on ANY CNET site. Logout and DO NOT GO ON AT ALL from 12am EST on Monday (that’s midnight tonight) until 12am EST on Tuesday. Don’t come on the site, don’t Google the site, don’t click on a link to the site – don’t do ANYTHING that generates a page view, search engine hit, or *anything*

A lot of Gamespotter’s more prominant posters will be taking this action to show solidarity with the staff (and Jeff) who have to fear their jobs being lost if they speak their mind. So for their inability to speak on this issue *we’ll show CNET our silence*.

This issue is bigger than you, it’s bigger than me – it’s bigger than GameSpot. This is about big business being able to use *buy* public opinion. Rather than live in a world where the media is controlled entirely by those with the most money, I want to live in a world where gamers who are living for their hobby (these guys truly work because of their passion for gaming, not the paycheck) can say what they truly feel about a game.

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