Gamespot is reporting that Interplay, former game developer extraordinaire, is planning to re-start it’s in-house development studio after many years of defunctness.

Interplay was the developer of many great games of the past including the Fallout series, Baldur’s Gate series, and the Freespace games. They were planning to build an MMO out of the Fallout universe, but at this time the funding they required to do so has yet to materialize. The sale of Fallout 3, being developed out-of-house by Bethesda will hopefully spur future Interplay offerings as well.

From the article:

Saying it is looking at ways of leveraging its stable of franchises ‘through sequels and various development and publishing arrangements,’ Interplay announced it is restarting its in-house development studio. The money to establish that studio will come from the recent sale of the Fallout franchise to Bethesda Softworks. (Interplay is now licensing the Fallout IP for its upcoming MMOG from Bethesda.) The publisher also said it has brought back Jason Anderson, a lead artist on the original Fallout game and cofounder of the defunct Troika Games, to serve as creative director for an unannounced MMOG.


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