Gamasutra has posted their large interview with Turbine Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel and Director of Communications Adam Mersk, both part of the Lord of the Rings Online team. In case you don’t know, the Lord of the Rings Online is a popular MMORPG from Turbine, Codemasters, and Midway. The two speak on the recently released expansion, Defenders of Eriador as well as their future plans (possibly even a console launch).

Steefel claims:
‘We launched back in April of 2007, and we’ve grown the game [in size of world]. Once we have the stuff that we just showed you, the game will have grown in size over 20 percent. We’re already the number two Western-developed MMO that’s subscription-based — basically number two to WoW’.

However, he doesn’t specify exact numbers or where he gets that information.

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