Joystiq is reporting that at one point, Epic President Mike Capps had considered pulling two of the most succesful things surrounding Gears of War, it’s multiplayer and it’s highly successful ‘Mad World’ ad (video below). Talk about a bone head decision, he is thanking his lucky stars all the way to the bank that he left that stuff in there now.

From the article:
‘First and most troubling is that he had considered pulling multiplayer from the game because it wasn’t moving quickly enough. (Boy, that would have made that eight-hour single player campaign a much more bitter pill, wouldn’t it?) Also, he said he wanted to scrap the famous ad set to the brilliant Gary Jules’ equally brilliant ‘Mad World’ because, he says, ‘I thought it was stupid; I was like ‘What are you thinking? Nobody knows Donnie Darko any more.” Wow.’


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