1up has posted their review of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and given it a not-so-great 6.5 out of 10! And here I was hoping it would be an amazing game, well worth the expensive optional controller to go with it!

From the article:
‘Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation certainly looks a hell of a lot better than Combats 1-5, but once you get past the incredibly detailed planes and crisscrossing contrails you’ll find the same old Ace Combat, still on autopilot. Some gamers will be quite happy with more arcadey shootin’ and missile dodging in licensed aircraft. Others may (continue to) wonder why they should care about some arbitrary conflict between improbably-named countries, and an overwrought series of cut-scenes that might actually be improved by a liberal application of signature John Woo slow-mo doves.

Combat’s missions are long and relatively varied — and I qualify that with ‘relatively’ because launching a homing missile at a battleship really isn’t much different from launching a homing missile at a tank or at an AA gun. But you will have to make choices within each mission based on incoming radio chatter and shifting battle conditions. Lend your help to advancing ground forces or head over yonder and take out a nest of fighters, but you may not be able to do both. At least not with just one playthrough.’


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