1up is reporting that Famitsu magazine has reviewed Super Mario Galaxy, giving it an out of this world 38 out of 40. Yes the Japanese review system is strange to us but for them it works. And it means that SMG is one damn good game.
From the Famitsu article:

‘The game takes place in a 3D space where you could be walking on the ground or upside down. Normally that would look like it is difficult to control, but you can play this instinctively. The balance is just perfect and it is a game anyone can really play.’

‘Gimmicks and actions using the game’s unique gravity, and fun boss fights definitely delivers on the Mario name. It is even just fun to watch if you are not playing.’

‘The game’s pacing is very good, you get hooked more and more. I am glad that the game is not too easy or too difficult. Collecting the star piece by pointing the Wiimote is already fun in itself.’

‘The excitement of Mario 64 is back! Lots of features that are perfect for the Wii, and you get addicted wanting to know what kind of obstacles await you in the next stage. Difficulty gradually increases and the map layout is great. Every game fan should play this game.’


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