MSNBC reports that Comcast is now denying that they intentionally manipulate certain web traffic.

Last Friday, however, the Shogun spoke and described Comcast’s admission to the contrary. A Comcast employee actually gave pretty clear statement confirming that Comcast had policies or processes in place to limit peer-to-peer file sharing, targeting the uploading computer. The Associated Press even conducted experiments to confirm the blockage.

Now Comcast is backpedaling. In a statement released Monday, Comcast stated, ‘Comcast does not block access to any Web sites or online applications, including peer-to-peer services like BitTorrent.’ Rather, Comcast states that they employ ‘bandwidth management technology’ which may slow peer-to-peer applications, but not block them (i.e., the system prioritizes bandwidth and may allocate more resources to a VOIP telephone call, to the detriment of a torrent download).

Return to the Shogun for more information as it developes.

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