GameDaily is reporting that Activision has announced a new Solider of Fortune game. If you don’t remember, the Soldier of Fortune FPS games were lambasted for their violent depiction of wounds and cheered by gamers for the same. Their hit location detection was excellently done and shooting a guy in the legs to see him crawl away for cover was never as satisfying again. The new game will be called Soldier of Fortune: Payback. According to the article, Soldier of Fortune Payback will release on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in November 2007. However, something about that release date sounds fishy given how close it is to this announcement.


This video from YouTube is a leaked trailer (watch it before it is pulled). If this is any indication the game has totally lost it’s gore and looks VERY generic. The poster also claims it is being made my Activision Value…which is NOT A GOOD THING.

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