1up has posted the highlights of q&a with Bungie’s Community Lead Brian Jarrard.

From the article:
‘1UP: Is Bungie now contractually obliged to give Microsoft first-look on future titles, Halo-related or otherwise?

Jarrard: We aren’t at liberty to discuss the specifics of this business arrangement but suffice it to say that we look forward to continuing to work with Microsoft as a great partner and world class publisher.

1UP: For all the super fans: does this mean Bungie won’t work on whatever ‘Halo 4’ turns out to be?

Jarrard: Well we are already at work on another Halo game — I wouldn’t call it ‘Halo 4’, but it is based in the Halo Universe and represents a collaboration between Bungie and Peter Jackson. Halo 3 was definitely not the last Bungie Halo game.

1UP: And perhaps most importantly, this means we’re going to finally see some progress on Pimps at Sea, right?

Jarrard: Fortunately, Bungie LLC does retain ownership of the Pimps at Sea franchise so anything is possible! ‘

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