The Star Wars: The Old Republic development team has launched Game Update 7.5 “Desperate Defiance” which includes the newly revealed gear inspired by The Acolyte™, the first game content based on the series to be released prior to the premiere on June 4. Players can also look forward to the next chapter in the main storyline, a new farmstead for players to grow crops, the first of many new Single Player Ventures and more in “Desperate Defiance.”

You can find the highlights of all of the new content arriving in SWTOR 7.5 “Desperate Defiance” below.

  • The Acolyte™ inspired items available in the Cartel Market: Players will notice a new Inspire By tab has been added to the Cartel Market window. Under this tab, players will find the Dark Harbinger Armor set and Serpent’s Tongue Vibroblade inspired by The Acolyte™. Additionally, a Wookiee Jedi inspired by hairstyle and beard customization can be found as part of the Appearance Options: Loyal Adherent Hairstyles Bundle.

  • New Main Story Chapter – “Desperate Defiance”: After the events of “Chains in the Dark,” players will enlist Sa’har as a new companion and take part in a risky mission to retrieve the holocron and potentially learn more of Heta’s plans. Players will also journey back to Hutta in the midst of a worker rebellion in the Minboosa District where they’ll have to deal with the proprietor and “completely legitimate businessman,” “Yusinduu the Hutt”.

  • Dantooine Farmstead and Spring Abundance Festival: Star Wars: The Old Republic players will have the chance to step back from combat and become the caretaker of a farmstead on Dantooine. Players will go through a quick story arc introducing them to the farmstead and afterward will be given a plot of land for them to tend to in a deal that seems almost too good to be true… The Spring Abundance Festival will let players take part in many activities including seed collecting, dancing, pie baking, animal rehabilitation and a galactic egg hunt. Players can earn a variety of rewards including outfits, mounts, mini pets, decorations and more.

  • The First of Many Single Player Ventures: New, challenging single-player ‘Ventures’ will be added to the game, starting with the Basilisk Prototype. This Venture connects directly to the ongoing storyline of Lane Vizla and is all about training up the Basilisk Prototype B3-S1, also known as Bessie. This prototype can become a companion for the player and can be used in limited sets of time. Players will have to gradually work on training B3-S1 to reach its full combat potential and capabilities in order for it to become a permanent companion.

  • New PVP Seasons Release Schedule: Starting with Update 7.5, PvP seasons will now commence the day an update launches, with PVP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt” beginning alongside the release of Update 7.5.

  • Cartel Market Updates: The High-Republic themed Refined Mentor Lightsaber, Dualsaber, Armor set and the Hidden Chain Jetpack Mount will be available with the launch of Update 7.5. Players can also grab more player character customizations including the Ahsoka-inspired Baylan beard and new enhanced dye packs.

Please let us know if you have any questions and if we can assist in your coverage of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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