I was walking around one of the night events at CES getting ready to call it a night knowing I was going to have a 13-hour day the next when I got a text that I won a raffle for a wireless speaker and to stop by the Aiper wireless pool cleaner booth. When I stopped by the booth I received an Aiper Thor-S Gaming Speaker and boy I definitely wanted to pass the word on about it.

Speaker or Martian War Machine?

The first thing that has to be mentioned about the Thor-S Gaming Speaker is that calling it a portable speaker is like calling a stealth fighter an airplane. Or in this case, calling War Of The World walking machines as some SciFi ship. That last one fits the best because this is a large portable speaker designed to look and sound like an alien ship with mechanical spider-like tripod legs and a front that looks like a part eye and part laser shooter. The back looks like it has an exhaust port and there are lights in multiple locations that can breathe or be music-responsive lighting to name a couple of settings. The legs are adjustable and the volume and bass knobs are built into the design to lend more to the alien ship design feel.

As if that is not already enough when turning the Thor-S on it plays a SciFi sounding machine noise, as well as when it connects to sources and powers down, and probably a couple of other sounds we haven’t even found yet. The speaker’s design and lighting are nice and the mechanical noises it makes going between settings is great but in the end, it needs to be more than that. It has to have a clean sound otherwise it’s not going to work as its primary function which is a quality sound experience. Luckily this is not a concern at all because this speaker rocks. It has Bluetooth 5.0 connection, TWS stereo sound, and X-Bass Technology combined with Insert Nuvoton DSP, 6+ hours of playback and a 10M device range just to name a few things. The Thor-S can also pair with another Thor-S to provide 360 surround sound as they chain together, if there is too much interference between the speakers you can always use a 3.5mm aux input to maintain your sound experience. It even has double passive radiators, eliminates resonance, and has knobs to make bass and volume adjustments that are built into the aesthetic design of the speaker. You can also adjust the playback controls on the speaker which is very handy when gaming.

They can pair up!

The Aiper Thor-S is a great speaker not just to listen to but to look at as well. Solid feeling quality across the board, it only shines more when it comes to accurate performance. When not in use I put it on a table in my hallway and pat it on the “head” like a pet whenever I walk by. Then when I want to play some Call Of Duty Mobile or listen to some music in bed it takes me less than 30 to make a connection to a new device, half that time once paired, and I can choose between listening to one or two speakers worth of sound giving either a 180-degree coverage or go for the two speakers 360 coverage. If your phone rings while you are gaming or whatever the Thor-S has a built-in microphone so you can still catch that important call then get right back to the action.

The Thor-S Gaming Speaker is not water resistant or proof so it’s not recommended for the bathtub or the pool. Considering Aiper specializes in wireless pool cleaners it would not surprise me if Aiper came out with a waterproof version eventually. Otherwise, the Thor-S does whatever you might want a personal speaker to do and does it with SciFi style.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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