Rebellion, one of the world’s most successful independent video games developers and publishers, has today launched Death From Above, the latest content pack for Sniper Elite 5’s Season Pass Two, and a free No Cross multiplayer map called The Dam. Death From Above delivers a brand new rifle in the shape of the Pedersen as well as a British Dazzle skin for all weapons, a British Bomber skin for Karl and an Air Auxiliary Skin for Monika.

The Pedersen rifle was proposed as part of a program to adopt a semi-automatic replacement to the M1903. It features no scope options but is arguably best-in-class for ironsight usage and is capable of firing fast, accurate shots at medium range, with great overall stability. Players will also receive the striking British Dazzle weapon skin for all weapons. This pays homage to the dazzle camouflage design used on British tanks during desert campaigns. Finally, both Karl and Monika receive new character skins. The British Bomber skin for Karl gives him a distinct aviator look while the Air Auxiliary skin for Monika reflects the uniforms worn by the women’s air-corps whose job was to transport new or repaired planes to active military airfields throughout the UK.

Developed in partnership with Flix Interactive, Death From Above is available as an individual purchase, priced at $9.99 or as part of Season Pass Two. The Season Pass also includes the previously released Rough Landing pack and two future content packs and is priced at $29.99.

Additionally, all players will receive a new No Cross multiplayer map called The Dam for free as part of the latest title update for Sniper Elite 5. This new map takes players to the remains of a dam that has been partly destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign. A river and broken bridges divide the two sides of the map with one side providing ample cover and sniping positions thanks to a tangle of pipework and industrial railings. Players on the opposite side can utilize the higher, more natural terrain to their advantage.

The critically acclaimed Sniper Elite 5 offers an unparalleled tactical sniping experience and is available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Windows Store.

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