110 Industries maneuvers in with another installment to their Wanted: Dead Explained series, following the ‘Finishers Explained’ video. In this new trailer, learn all there is to know about Wanted: Dead’s enemies and bosses and how to overcome their attacks. Wanted: Dead is available to preorder now and is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC on February 14th, Valentine’s Day 2023.

Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead serves a truly hardcore challenge with a wide range of enemy and boss types that must be strategically vanquished in order to progress.

In Wanted: Dead, you will encounter unknown teams of mercenaries, synthetic workers, an entire crime family and an elite private military, all prepared to skin you alive and hang you out to dry. Wanted: Dead is not an easy ride and will really test the player’s mettle as enemies will not go down without a fight so prioritising targets is one of the keys to success. From the previous Wanted: Dead explained videos, strategy in your fights is paramount as enemies attack in waves and you can quickly be overrun so using all of your skill sets and arsenal will allow you to conquer your foes in bloodthirsty style.

Stay on the move during your journey through Wanted: Dead or face certain death. If different types of enemy combatants weren’t enough, injured and limb-severed enemies are equally as dangerous to players as they will drag out the fight until their demise or yours. Keep a close eye on downed fighters as one wrong move or a sneaky grenade and it could all be over. Even low-ranking melee fighters can quickly deplete your health bar so making the right moves are important in order to quickly slash down enemies before they take too much of your vitals. When it comes to machine gunfighters, their strength is in numbers and if you rush in with no strategy you could see your life subscription being cancelled as a direct result.

In Wanted: Dead, elite enemies such as ninjas can easily make things go sideways with their varied attacks and fighting styles. Heavily armed exoskeleton fighters are equipped with heavy weapons and will occasionally barrage the player with grenades. Up close and personal, this enemy type proves to be the most dangerous on the battlefield and will require a certain level of mastery and daring to defeat. Is that a ‘Game Over’ screen you just saw? A few more of these and the ‘Neko mode’ is available just in case the player isn’t quite up to the challenge…

Since combat plays a huge part in Wanted: Dead, one of the essential ingredients to the game are bosses and they come in all shapes and sizes. These ferocious bosses include a mechanised walking tank with enough firepower to tear down a whole building. Synthetic worker turned revolutionary fighter that demonstrates some serious kung fu skills. A mercenary sniper with a cloaking device and a sharp blade that will tear you to pieces. A pair of insane homicidal twins out for blood and a slick sword fighter with incredible abilities and regeneration skills. Sharpen those blades, polish those bullets and get in the ring.

“We are very excited to reveal the varied and deadly enemy and boss types in Wanted: Dead that are sure to test your might,” said Sergei Kolobashkin, founder and Creative Director at 110 Industries. “Stay in the action and keep an eye out for more Wanted: Dead Explained videos coming soon!”

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