NACON, leaders in premium gaming hardware and parent of RIG gaming accessories, announced today the North American introduction of the Revolution X controller for Xbox® Series X|S, Xbox® One and Windows® PC, available now for a recommended retail price of $99.99.

Following a successful launch across select European territories, the highly acclaimed Revolution X controller is ‘Designed for Xbox®’, fully licensed and the result of years of development. Working with Microsoft® and the esports community, the Revolution X is the latest edition to Nacon’s Revolution Series of professional controllers and is designed to meet the demands of any game, delivering a competitive edge.

Engineered with quality components and thoughtful design, this is no mere gamepad. The Revolution X controller delivers notably superior performance during competitive play, offering over 40 customization options both physical and via a dedicated App, ensuring the controller adapts to the gamer.

Gamers are invited to install the companion App from the Microsoft® Store for Xbox® or Windows® to unleash the full potential of the controller. Via a user-friendly interface, gamers can create their own advanced profiles, allowing every aspect of their gaming experience to be tailored to their preference. Options include full button mapping, shortcut assignment, response curve and dead zone adjustment for both thumb sticks. Variable trigger intensity, inversion of the thumb stick axis, four-or eight-way D-Pad adjustment, controller vibration intensity and even optional back lit illumination for the right thumb stick, are all available to players. Using the App, gamers can store up to four individual profiles via the on-board memory of the controller, tweaking their settings manually or installing one of the many pre-set configurations supplied by NACON.

The Revolution X takes control to the next level, allowing players to swap out key physical components to suit their play style or choice of game, stacking these features on top of the standard features expected on a typical controller. Both thumb sticks are fully adjustable and easily removed to offer a range of interchangeable concave and convex options. On the rear of the controller, four shortcut buttons are fully programmable, providing easy access to otherwise complex in-game instructions. Like it light or have it heavy, with the Revolution X, the choice is yours thanks to the removable weight system concealed in the textured hand grips, allowing for the perfect controller experience sans fatigue.

The competition grade credentials of the Revolution X continue with the 3m long detachable cable providing a solid connection, free from external interference or the risk of in-game dropout, and with both the controller and cable fitting neatly into the sturdy carry case included, travelling with a fully customized controller has never been easier.

Any competitive gamer will attest to the importance of in-game audio, crucial for detecting enemy positions, tracking teammates via their voice and sensing impending danger. The Revolution X benefits from Dolby® Atmos™ for Headphones. Activated via a free download of the Dolby® Atmos™ App, gamers can utilize any standard wired or wireless headset for the latest spatial audio technology, with the Revolution X companion App providing even more audio options, such as active noise cancellation for chat and audio gain settings for the microphone.

Commenting on the North American introduction of the Revolution X controller, Jack Reynolds, President NACON Gaming USA said, “Competitive Xbox players looking for a precision controller with advanced customization options will find the perfect fit with the new Revolution X from NACON. Our team took it upon themselves to create a controller designed to deliver a real competitive edge. The Revolution X allows gamers to demonstrably improve their skills and win with a range of customizable options and superior engineering perfected for players who take their favorite pastime seriously.”

The NACON Revolution X Controller is available now in the US for $99.99. Watch the trailer here.

Revolution X Controller Features:

  • Designed for Xbox®: Officially licensed controller for use with Xbox® Series X|S, Xbox® One and Windows® PC, ensures total compatibility with all Xbox software.
  • Revolution X Companion App: Unleash the incredible power of the controller via a free App allowing for custom game profiles, button mapping, shortcut programming and so much more.
  • Controller Customisation: Swap up your style and create the feel right for you. Adjust controller weight, thumb stick sensitivity, adaptable precision, etc.
  • Engineering Excellence: Interchangeable components are built to last and designed to win. Wired connection for stable gaming during tournament play and premium materials for unrivalled reliability.
  • Dolby® Atmos™ for Headphones: Use your Revolution X controller and Dolby® Atmos™ free App to deliver incredible spatial audio using a regular stereo headset. Further enhance via the Revolution X controller companion App for a suite of audio adjustment options.

The NACON Revolution X controller is available now for $99.99 across North America from all good retailers including:




For more information on the Revolution X Controller, visit:

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