MOUNTAIN, creator of innovative, premium peripherals with user-centric design to enable gamers and content creators to perform at their best, introduces its first small form factor keyboard with Everest 60. Staying true to its mission of delivering peak performance, MOUNTAIN cut no corners with the latest entry to the Everest product family.

Everest 60 comes in the extremely compact 60% form factor but does not cut necessary functional corners, as arrow keys remain part of the layout. Contrasting its sleek and minimalistic exterior is a complex and sophisticated interior design, using multiple layers of foam and silicone to create a satisfying and muted sound profile.

Featuring a plethora of high-end tuning, the manufacturing of Everest 60 includes countless extra steps to achieve a premium result. Unheard of outside of the keyboard enthusiast DIY space, including additional materials and hours of manual precision work, this intricate attention to detail delivers value unlike any other keyboard on the market today.

Premium switches are a key element to a superior mechanical keyboard. MOUNTAIN developed its very own lineup of mechanical switches with MOUNTAIN Linear 45, Linear 45 Speed, and Tactile 55 switches, which make their debut on Everest 60. Factory-lubed and optimized for smooth and precise operation, these switches are rated for a lifetime of 100 million actuations.

Rounding off its meticulous sound design are Cherry stabilizers, hand-clipped and hand-lubricated from the factory to enable rattle-free gaming and typing experiences. All Everest 60 keyboards ship with double-shot keycaps made of extremely durable PBT, guaranteeing translucent legends that never fade or wear off.

Much like Everest, Everest 60 is modular and upgradeable with its separately sold Everest 60 Numpad, which is hot-pluggable and can connect on either side. The switches are hot-swappable and easy to replace or exchange with any other Cherry MX style 3-pin or 5-pin switch.

Customization is at the heart of MOUNTAIN’s user-centric design philosophy. To enable every user to make Everest 60 truly their own, its launch is accompanied by the release of ten MOUNTAIN Mineral keycap sets. Also made of PBT and featuring translucent double-shot legends, a wide choice of colorways is available, inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful minerals.

“MOUNTAIN’s strong focus on putting users’ needs front and centre of every step in our product development bears fruit in a 60% mechanical keyboard unlike any other,” says Tobias Brinkmann, Founder and CEO of MOUNTAIN. “Everest 60’s custom layout ensures that, despite its portable form factor, functionality for both gamers and content creators remains intact.”

“The enormous success of Everest Max showed that our idea of a modern and innovative mechanical keyboard resonates incredibly well with gamers and content creators” added Bram Rongen, Brand Strategy Manager of MOUNTAIN. “We condensed the very essence of Everest in Everest 60 and introduced some of the latest trends in enthusiast keyboard tuning, such as multi-layered noise-dampening, 5-pin hot-swappable switch support, and more.”

MOUNTAIN Everest 60, Everest 60 Numpad, MOUNTAIN Mineral keycap sets, and MOUNTAIN Switches are now available, in stock and ready for immediate dispatch at


Everest 60: $139.99
Everest 60 Numpad: $49.99
Mineral Keycap Sets: $34.99

MOUNTAIN Linear 45, Tactile 55, Linear 45 Speed Switch Packs:
90x MOUNTAIN Switch: $39.99
110x MOUNTAIN Switch: $49.99

Everest 60 + Numpad: $189.99
Everest 60 + Mineral PBT Keycap set: $159.99
Everest 60 + Numpad + Mineral PBT Keycap Set: $209.99

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