Ready to travel into space and sift through the wreckage of a once great and ancient starship? Or maybe explore a mysterious land based on the Celtic myths of ancient Britain? Today you can do both, as Modiphius Entertainment released the free Quickstart rules for the upcoming officially licensed Homeworld: Revelations tabletop role-playing game, along with the core rulebook PDF for the fantasy RPG Legends of Avallen.

In the 68-page Homeworld: Revelations Quickstart, you’ll join an archaeological expedition as they set forth to uncover the secrets of the Khar-Toba, an ancient ship whose mysteries have been lost to time. But beware, you’re not the only team headed towards her. The race is on!

The Homeworld: Revelations Quickstart contains:

  • Complete starter rule set for Homeworld: Revelations 2d20 with plenty of hints and tips for new GMs
  • A thrilling adventure leading a team of archaeologists into a thousand-year-old spaceship wreck to retrieve valuable artifacts
  • Five pre-generated characters so you can pick up and play the game straight away
  • Enjoy your first taste of the infinite possibilities of the Homeworld: Revelations universe

Download the free Quickstart from Modiphius.netModiphius’ US store, or DriveThruRPG.

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