Trick or Treat Studios just announced their all-new tabletop gaming division, a new take on games designed for the Halloween and horror community. The first games being launchedinclude titles such as Creature Feature, Blood Orders, World Z-League and TrollFest, featuring an excellent variety of play styles, theyoffer a new way for Halloween and Horror super fans to celebrate the season with friends and family.

“Gaming has been a lifelong passion of mine and I am excited to share these games with fellow fans!” says Chris Zephro, Co-Founder/President of Trick or Treat studios.

Game releases to include:

  •  Creature Feature – From Richard Garfield, the designer of Magic: The Gathering! Combine monsters into hands of differentvalues, then get the other players to believe that you’ve got the best one!
  •  Blood Orders – This game combines short term planning as you try to second guess what other players are going to pursue, with long term planning as you put together a lucrative hand of cards. It’s a meaty mid-weight game that should appeal to strategy gamersand horror fans.
  •  World Z-League – A quick and fun game about shooting zombies with rubber bands!
  •  TrollFest – A new title by designer Bruno Faidutti! Fantasy monsters love rock and roll too. Gather and improve your band asyou tour the country. With a humorous fantasy theme, this game works well with broad audiences.

Games will be available for pre-order starting 9-16, from $40-$70 For more information, visit

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