Get ready for the next wave of Critical Role high-quality pre-painted minis, set to hit store shelves this fall. These new releases consist of seven SKUs, featuring Monsters, Characters and NPCs from Tal’Dorei. Expect to see premium figures of the majestic flaming bird known as the Ember Roc and the covetous dragon turtle known as Dieter!

Check out the full list of products included in this next wave from WizKids:

  • Item # 74256   Critical Role: Monsters of Tal’Dorei – Set 1
  • Item # 74257   Critical Role: Monsters of Tal’Dorei – Set 2
  • Item # 74259   Critical Role: NPCs of Tal’Dorei – Set 1
  • Item # 74260   Critical Role: NPCs of Exandria – Set 1
  • Item # 74261   Critical Role: Characters of Tal’Dorei – Set 1
  • Item # 74258   Critical Role: Monsters of Tal’Dorei – Ember Roc Premium Figure
  • Item # 74262   Critical Role Premium Figure: Dieter

These exciting new miniatures will be available at Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) worldwide in November 2021.

To learn more about WizKids’ partnership with Critical Role, visit:

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