COPENHAGEN, MAY 27, 2020 — Copenhagen-based audio design brand AIAIAI today announced new initiatives to deepen its commitment to sustainably designed products, to measurably reduce the company’s carbon footprint related to product materials and packaging

From its founding in 2006, AIAIAI committed to sustainable design through its modular headphone system which enables music makers and listeners to enjoy long-lasting use of the company’s products by replacing individual components of a headset rather than purchasing an entire replacement of the unit. The company has also committed to sustainability from the start with a timeless minimalistic design true to the company’s Scandinavian heritage and independent of ever-fluctuating audio product design trends.

Now, AIAIAI intends to lead sustainable design in the music-making world in even more impressive measures, particularly with regard to product materials and packaging, to be in full effect by the end of the 2020 calendar year.

Summary of New Initiatives

  1. Product Packaging Redesigned with 100% FSC-Certified Materials
    1. Packaging for AIAIAI headphones will now be produced with 100% FSC-certified materials.
    2. Average ∆ CO2 Reduction Across All Packaging: 80%
  2. Product Materials Reimagined for CO2 Reduction
    1. Headphones will use high-grade recycled plastic as part of the core components of the headband and earphone casings. Consumers will notice no change in durability, comfort or overall listening experience.
    2. Average ∆ CO2 Reduction Across All Products: 50%
  3. New Collaborations with Industry Partners for Sustainable Product Innovation
    1. AIAIAI is forming new partnerships with music artists, record labels and festivals to further advance the brand’s innovative commitment to sustainable product development. Collaborations around adaptive reuse of materials for product and packaging development are among various other initiatives under consideration.

Sustainability has been a key focus in our headphone design for the last 10 years,” said Frederik Jorgensen, Founder of AIAIAI. “This next stage of innovation to our products will reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent, a big leap forward in audio product design, which we are very proud of. We know there is still a long way to go, but with our continued efforts, we are inspired and committed to keep doing things better and smarter.”

The newly redesigned AIAIAI packaging will enter circulation beginning June 1, 2020, in all globally distributed products. Product manufacturing will fully incorporate new materials by year’s end. The company will announce individual partnerships focused around sustainability initiatives in the coming months.


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