Here is our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide showcasing our recommended headphones!

Razer Kraken Ultimate Edition ($129.99)

Corporate Spiel: “MAKE SOUND YOUR WEAPON – Hear the unfair advantage firsthand and be the one to beat with the Razer Kraken Ultimate—a PC gaming headset built for the ultimate competitive gaming experience. With threats lurking all around you, it’s time to go on the offensive and let them know who’s hunting who.”

Our take: Excellent build quality, style, and sound reproduction come together to make this one killer gaming headset.

Official Razer Website

Apple AirPods Pro ($249.00)

Corporate Spiel: “We refined the details of comfort, creating a new class of in-ear headphones with a customizable fit that forms an exceptional seal for Active Noise Cancellation. You’ll feel your music, not your headphones.”

Our Take: Terrific noise canceling and channeling make these earbuds outstanding for any activity. Well worth the increased price point and slightly larger size.

Apple Official Website

Creative SXFI Air ($159.99)

Corporate Spiel: “Experience the magical audio reality of Super X-Fi with the Creative SXFI AIR! This Bluetooth and USB headphone has built-in Super X-Fi technology that provides holographic audio personalized to your own ears for an unbelievable headphone experience that’s as good as the real thing.”

Our Take: The Creative SXFI Air is extremely comfortable and its audio holography has to be heard to be believed. If you are an audiophile, I would definitely recommend them.

Official Creative Website

Wicked Audio Syver True Wireless ($99.99)

Corporate Spiel: “Who says you can’t have it all? Rock out loud or on a more personal level with the speaker + earbud combo of your dreams whenever and wherever you want.”

Our Take: Syver has taken two complimentary products: Wireless earbuds and speaker, and combined them. While neither is outstanding in their own right, together they make for a flexible mobile audio experience that will satisfy the outdoor-folk, dorm-dwellers, and river-rats in your life.

Official Syver Website

LucidSound LS1X Premium Chat Headset ($24.99)

Corporate Spiel: “Lightweight and comfortable, featuring LucidSound proprietary quick-access audio adjustments. No need to search for the volume wheel just reach up and turn up the volume.”

Our Take: LucidSound’s LS1X chat headset is made of good construction and features very good audio quality thanks to its 50mm driver, not to mention decent microphone noise cancellation. In short: It’s a terrific chat headset choice for your Xbox One or PS4.

Official LucidSound Website

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