Wireless earbuds and speakers are all the rage these days – with manufacturers from all over the world getting in on the action. Wicked Audio, a company with a long-history of audio tech under their belt, has released the Syver with hopes of satisfying the need for both devices. The Syver is an interesting product – consisting of a main, capsule-shaped body and removable wireless earbuds.

The dark gray/gunmetal body actually houses a wireless speaker in its base – something I don’t recall anyone else doing! This wireless speaker features a 32mm driver and decent enough sound reproduction for a dorm room or home office environment. It’s well-built and even has small rubber feet on the bottom to avoid accidentally moving around too much. It features three easy to use buttons – two for volume and one for power/pairing. I love the idea of being able to take it with my iPhone on-the-go for even better movie watching from my phone. What happens when you need to be more stealthy and avoid everyone in your vicinity hearing your audio? You open the top of the capsule body to reveal two wireless earbuds! The top of the capsule is secured by a very sturdy latch that does a terrific job of staying closed.

The wireless earbuds feature comfortable ear cushions/seals and the units themselves are not heavy or painful to leave in for long periods of use. Much like the capsule portion of the Syver, the earbuds are easy to use with one tactile button. Seemingly-thinking of everything, Wicked Audio includes three different ear cushion sizes in the box, so you are sure to find the best fit possible for your ears. In comparison to the capsule speaker, the earbuds feature improved sound quality with very noticeable separation of high and low end sound. Given the choice between the two options, I’d opt for the earbuds should the situation allow – but I digress. The earbuds are charged by the capsule and provide several hours of use while the capsule speaker unit provides up to 10 hours of use.

Overall, Wicked Audio’s Syver might be exactly what you are needing if you desire to have a wireless speaker and earbuds in your travel kit. There’s very little NOT to like with this product. It’s only potential drawback is that it is somewhat larger than dedicated earbuds – but, if you’re looking at a product like the Syver, you probably won’t notice considering how much space saving that the product has by combining the speaker and earbuds. The Syver provides good performance and lots of convenience in a stylish package. The Syver retails for $99.99 and is available now.

Wicked Audio Syver True Wireless




Build Quality


Sound Quality





  • Versatility
  • Value


  • A bit larger than dedicated earbuds

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