October 12th, Warsaw, Poland — Fans of helicopter action games have plenty of reasons to celebrate. After a year and a half of work, numerous improvements based on players’ feedback, and 27,000 copies sold, Heliborne leaves Early Access and lands on Steam! Thanks to Klabater, the game will be published globally as a digital edition as well as locally in the Polish market as a physical boxed edition.

The Heliborne digital edition is available on Steam: for only $24.99 (http://store.steampowered.com/app/433530/Heliborne/). The boxed edition includes the base game as well as digital extras (Polish Air Force camo and paint set), a double-sided poster documenting all of the in-game aircraft, collectible stickers, and a pilot’s manual. All these goodies are packed in a stylish case and available in Poland at a recommended retail price of 99.99 PLN.

Publishing the game is only just the beginning. The developers are working alongside the publisher and are already planning the game’s post-launch support and further development. Players can count on free updates and paid DLC. Even now, the community can modify the game through Steam Workshop.

By cooperating with real-life military pilots, the devs have made sure that Heliborne combines a realistic flight model with arcade gameplay, offering maximum fun and simultaneously keeping things realistic and close to physics – with over 70 different factors influencing the aircraft during flight.

You can check how the machines perform in combat situations by engaging in air battles on six fully open maps:

  • Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam)
  • Operation Nguyen Hue (Vietnam)
  • Khost Region (Afghanistan)
  • Badakhshan Province (Afghanistan)
  • Kosovo
  • Training Map

These maps offer several possibilities: players can compete in the cornerstone multiplayer mode (up to 16 players), take part in co-op mode (up to 4 players), and play the single player historical missions.

Utilize one of the 50 legendary helicopter models from various historical periods – from the 1950s to modern times. The available aircrafts have been divided into three types – combat, scout, and transport – so that every air combat enthusiast can find an appropriate machine.

Have you ever dreamed of shooting down an enemy machine and sending it crashing into the ocean’s waves? In that case, the Bell AH-1Z Viper, with its 70 mm, anti-tank, and air-to-air missiles is right up your alley. Do you think that proper recon can turn the tides of war? Then the fast and nimble OH-58A Kiowa will allow you to sneak up on the enemy position, mark it, and transmit its location to your squadmates. You’re sure that the frontline fighters don’t stand a chance without proper support? The mighty ACH-47 Chinook will let you transport troops to critical spots, right where the frontlines seem to crumble. These are only 3 of the total 27 NATO machines available in‑game, and you’ll also have access to a further 23 helicopters from the Eastern Bloc. Victory depends on your tactical thinking, your ability to make decisions in the heat of the battle, and the experience of your teammates.

Heliborne – main features:

  • 50 legendary helicopters, ranging from the 1950s to modern times!
  • Modify your aircraft with more than 100 available payload variants.
  • Battle it out on 6 open, varied maps: Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam), Operation Nguyen Hue (Vietnam), Khost Region (Afghanistan), Badakhshan Province (Afghanistan), Kosovo, and the Training Map.
  • Check out 3 gameplay modes: single player, co-op (up to 4 players), and competitive multiplayer (up to 16 players).
  • Ground units: tanks, APCs, self-propelled AA guns, and infantry (armed with AA weaponry and mortars).
  • Support for Steam trading cards!
  • Test your skills in historical missions and on sandbox maps.
  • Play how you like! Heliborne offers full support for gamepads, joysticks (flightsticks), and mouse and keyboard.

More information about Heliborne can be found on the official website (http://helibornegame.com/), and on Facebook and Twitter.

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