Recently, we got the chance to take a look at Plantronics RIG Flex LX Xbox One stereo gaming headphones. The RIG Flex LX are

The RIG Flex LX headphones are fairly straightforward when it comes to their overall design, but the true genius in the RIG Flex LX is just that. The headphones are simple but very good at what they do. Wearing them is a gamer’s dream come true. The RIG Flex LX headphones are super light and feature very comfortable ear cups that won’t cause any pain after many hours of usage.


The included audio adapter bring the RIG Flex LX headphones to the next level and act as a sort of control unit for the system. The audio adapter plugs into the Xbox One wireless controller, then the headphones are plugged into the adapter. There is even an additional 3.5mm audio input to connect a second audio source! The audio adapter acts a mild audio amplifier for the headphones, and it does a lot for the system’s audio intensity. Explosions and gunfire from your favorite FPS will sound amazing. The most clever feature of the audio adapter is the dual rotary knob volume control. One knob controls the game audio volume while the other controls the chat volume. There is even a simple to use EQ selector that’s controlled by a single button on the top of the adapter.

The noise cancelling boom microphone do a very nice job of cancelling our ambient noise while you are speaking to your teamates and I have no negative things to say about them whatsoever. You can toggle the mute on and off by pressing the volume control knob on the audio adapter.


Overall, the Plantronics RIG Flex LX Xbox One stereo gaming headphones are a great purchase at $129.99. They provide very good sound quality thanks to its clever audio adapter and a very comfortable wearing experience. You can find them available now at Best Buy stores.

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