If you have played airsoft for any length of time and worn knee pads while doing so, you will undoubtedly have experience with knee pad droop. Over the course of an active game day, the motion of walking/running/sliding coupled with the harsh mistress we call “gravity” will pull your pads down towards your ankles, reducing their effectiveness over time and forcing you to periodically stop to pull them back into place. The solution, it seems, would be to somehow keep the knee pads up. Well, someone made this! Enter: The NadoProducts KP Support.

The KP Support military edition is a brace that attaches itself to the bottom of your knee pad and to the area around the top of your high top boots. The brace material is flexible, without being painful in case you put the weight of your leg onto it. The leg strap is comfortable, but able to be tightened down to your preference.

In order to attach the KP Support to your knee pad, you simply loosen a screw on one end of the support, then feed the bottom of the knee pad into it. After that, you just tighten down the screw and it is all set. The support seems compatible with just about any external knee pad solution. I tried it with both “turtle shell” style pads as well as the “knee cap” style pads. The knee cap style pads did require a bit more working with to install, just because they don’t have the same amount of fringe material on their bottom side.

The support is very lightweight and I played several games over the course of a weekend with them – never once did they fail to do their job or get in the way of my playing. In fact, they helped my gameplay because my knee pads stayed put! You should not be at the mercy of your knee pads, and NadoProducts would seem to agree.


Overall, the KP Support from NadoProducts is an extremely effective and cost-effective way to keep your knee pads in place while playing even the toughest airsoft games. They retail for for $54.99 and are available now at NadoProducts’ official website.

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